10 Reasons for Getting Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful long eyelashes are not just a luxury anymore they have become a necessity. Every woman in this world has the right to look and feel attractive about her. Eyelash extensions not only increase the length of your eyelashes but they also increase the level of your confidence in terms of how you look at yourself. If you have not already experienced the joy and happiness that an eyelash extension brings, here are some benefits that would definitely make you want to run to a lash stylist right now.


An eyelash extension gives a camera-ready look throughout the day. Whether you are going out for a casual lunch with friends or going out in the evening with a special someone, eyelash extensions make you look beautiful and attractive twenty four seven. Eyelash extensions highlight your eyes even more making them look bigger and also accentuate your facial features gives you a camera ready look all the time. Moreover, eyelash extensions give you a very natural look, unlike make up or strips or tabs, which sometimes make your eyes, look heavy and fake.


Another great advantage of getting eyelash extensions are that they can be styled, curled, lifted in any way giving you a different look for each occasion. Moreover, a mascara, unless waterproof, cannot be worn during swimming or exercising but eyelash extensions remain their gorgeous self even while performing these strenuous activities. Also, unlike make up that only stays fresh for two to three hours, eyelash extensions last for at least two to three weeks before needing a re-touch. One of the best advantages of getting eyelash extensions are that they can be removed just as easily as it is to apply them, with just an oil-free cleansing of your eyes regularly and you can get rid of them easily. No longer do you have to use many cotton buds to remove mascara from your eyelashes.


Eyelash extensions are also very occasion-friendly. You can now apply your make up in just two minutes. Eyelash extensions reduce the need for you to apply tons of make up to enhance your eyes. They do all the work for you, especially, when you are getting late and moreover, they will last you the entire night and the next morning.

The morning after a late night party always make your eyes look hung-over and tired but with eyelash extensions, you can look as fresh as you did the night before.

Eyelash extensions just take over an hour to be applied and furthermore, their application is a very painless procedure. You will not even get to know when they are applied as you will be sleeping the entire time. They not only give you a full length and add volume to your original eyelashes but they also take off years from your face making you look younger and vibrant at the same time. So, say goodbye to those tired, raccoon eyes and say hello to beautiful, bold and energetic eyes every morning.

If you live in or around Washington DC, you can find Eyelash Extensions DC from different outlets. As the procedure is related to your appearance, be cautious while choosing any one.

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Coco La’Rue is an award-winning hair extensions specialist. She has mastered the art of providing mesmerizing results, owing to her love and passion for the industry. For more than a decade, she has brought smile on the faces of millions with her great techniques and sensible utilization of hair extensions and lace wigs. Her experience as a stylist spans from television, film, wedding to print media.

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